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Since 1952

More than 60 years of experience

For more than six decades, LaFrance Manufacturing Company has built its successful business by proving it has the right chemistry to do the right job. LaFrance’s success involves combining a detailed understanding of the metalworking industry with the chemistry, people, and systems needed to produce lubricants, coatings, and specialty products for its customers.

Chemistry is Change

“We continually assess our approach to make certain we have the best products, service, and distribution. That’s the real chemistry needed to succeed in this industry.”
– Mark Kruszynski, Vice-President and Director of Sales.

Industry Leading

Long before the Clean Air Act, we began developing water-extendable die release agents rather than the hazardous solvent-based emulsions commonly used in the industry. When no one was thinking about waste disposal, we knew that the die casting industry needed cleaner, safer products to remain viable.

Proven Die Release Agents

Today, LaFrance’s extensive line of die release lubricants covers a multitude of applications. Whether aluminum or zinc, small or large, complex or multiple cavity, high temperature applications or cosmetic finishes, the Franlube series offers the right die release agent for die casters.

The Best Coatings in the Industry

Another major development was non-wetting, high-temperature ceramic coatings. The Frankote PMC 100/N series can be applied in all metal-melting operations to protect ladles, runners, furnaces and refractory surfaces from heat fatigue and metal erosion.


A Pioneer in Synthetics

Synthetics came to the forefront during the oil crisis of the late 70’s. Faced with tightening oil supplies, LaFrance developed a series of water-extendable, synthetic plunger lubricants.


Specialty Products

Specialty products are also available for the metal melting and metalcasting industry. These include a trim die lubricant for aluminum and zinc, a high-temperature ejector pin coating, a central systems cleaner to remove residue from central systems and reservoir holding tanks, and Hot Spot Wax for problem dies.


Environmentally Friendly




We have been pioneers in environmentally friendly products.



We continue to invest in the development of sustainable products.



Our methods and processes are eco-friendly and we continue to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels everyday.


“Our goal is to work with companies that need innovative answers to metalworking questions. Today’s focus for our product line is ceramic-based for efficient, economical, and environmentally responsible die casting.”
-Joy Miltenberger, President of LaFrance.