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Below is a list of our products; we also custom blend for specific requirements

Ceramic Coatings

LaFrance offers a complete line of ceramic-based protective coatings, both liquid and dry, to prevent molten metal adhesion on ladles, thermocouple tubes, and additional ferrous surfaces during the metalcasting process. LaFrance wet ceramic coatings are water-based and blended with additives to ensure a smooth application. The dry version of LaFrance coatings is water-blended at the customer site, a convenience for winter usage.

FranKote Series:
• PMC-100-N

Die Release Lubricants

LaFrance offers a diversified line of water-extendable die release lubricants for casting aluminum, magnesium, and zinc alloys. The newest addition to this product line features ceramic-based die release lubricants for exotic aluminum alloys and high-heat producing dies.

FranLube Series:
• 173LS

Plunger Lubricants

LaFrance offers dry, oil-based, and water-soluble plunger lubricants designed to enhance the lubrication of the metal injection process while improving tip life. LaFrance dry plunger lubricants reduce the amount of fire and smoke at the shot end.

FranLube Series:

FranDry Series:
• #10MM
• #11MM
• LG#1015

Specialty Products

Heat Transfer Oil:
Formulated to provide fast and efficient heat transfer when used in a closed system application with expansion tank temperatures up to 600°F (315°C)

Anti-Solder Wax:
Removes and prevent the formation of metal deposits on the surface of the die cavities.
• ASW-80

Ejector Pin Lube:
A non-pigmented specialty compound developed to withstand extreme temperatures while keeping the ejector pins lubricated.